We also offer excellent opportunities to advertise your business – it’s an innovative and exciting way to get exposure with your target audience at the right place. Seven days a week our fleet of ice cream trucks cruises the neighborhoods and business districts playing music and ringing bells. As they move at low speeds and stop along their routes, your potential customers will have plenty of time to receive your message. Consider our trucks as rolling billboards that attract attention to themselves – where else can you find a better avenue to reach your customers? Placement of advertising varies from covering most of the van to displaying small ads in the prominent place. You can also request your sign to be displayed only in a particular location, or throughout the whole metro Jacksonville. You can provide your own sign, or our partner company can create one for you. Besides sign placement we also offer other related services: we can hand out your sample products or promotional materials, or even sell on your behalf. We can also go to the promotional events and represent your brand and products.

Examples of promotional materials
that our vehicles could be decorated with: